Hi, I'm Tushar - founder of Tevani Pro. I'm a registered pharmacist in the UK.


My mission is to bring you the best tasting nutritional supplements while providing you with the best source of information I possibly can. I want to use my healthcare background to help as many people as possible.


After becoming vegan coming from a vegetarian lifestyle all my life, whey protein was no longer an option that fitted into my new lifestyle. 


I didn't really think it would be an issue until I tasted protein powder after protein powder. Gritty, bitter, overly sweetened - that was my verdict again and again.


After finishing my studies, I felt like it was finally time to do something I thought was right. And so I worked with some people to formulate a delicious tasting protein powder!


I can now proudly introduce to you, Tevani Pro!


However, I need your help! In order for Tevani Pro to help as many people as possible, the word has to spread!


Share the Tevani Pro social with as many friends as possible and feel free to sign up to the email list! Don't worry, I won't spam you. All I want to do is provide high quality information on nutrition and exercise, and send a cheeky little offer every now and then!


Thank you for all your support!