Hey there! My name is Tushar Joshi, the guy behind “Tevani Pro” – my online health, fitness, diet, …thing! For a long time, I’ve wanted the name “Tevani” to stand for something, and I’ll tell you why.

Why “Tevani”?

To simply put it, Tevani is my family name! The story of this name originates back to several centuries ago (a story for another time) all the way in India. If there is one thing I believe in, it’s that I am indebted to my forefathers. I felt that if I wanted to do something to better peoples’ lives, help them make healthier lifestyle choices, motivate them to do something more, then I would do it under the name of my forefathers, and so to honour that, I bring you “Tevani” Pro.

About me

I was raised as a vegetarian,as were both of my parents, and their parents before them, and their parents before them… and you get the idea. My family have been strict lacto-vegetarians for generations and generations, and so I haven’t known anything different! I’ve always loved animals, I have really fond memories of feeding cows on my holidays to India when I visited family, and I loved it, still do! I believe I was only a teenager when I was first exposed to the idea of animal cruelty in the dairy industry, which I guess you could say planted a seed. However, as I’m sure many can agree, ignorance is bliss – and cheese and chocolate taste really, really good! But more importantly, food, feeling full, and eating are also very good! For some strange reason, which I still cannot understand why, I had this silly idea stuck in my head that being able to eat large quantities of food was something to be proud of. So I would eat, and eat and eat – really unhealthy foods too! On top of this, I would boast of my amazing eating abilities! I gained a fair amount of weight, luckily for me not to the point of morbidity but I guess that’s the wonders (and benefits) of a growing male teenager. But it wasn’t great.

Then I moved away to University. I still ate the same way but I started going to the gym – albeit a bit clueless about proper exercise and nutrition but I started moving a lot more. I lost some weight and started getting compliments from friends and family and so this ignited something in me and I thought I should carry on. I read and read a lot of things regarding exercise and nutrition, but like many other people I fluctuated back and forth between high and low weights, achieving nothing with my body.

Cue Summer 2017.

I decided to turn Vegan and I also decided to take exercise and nutrition a little more seriously – for a while. I lost a lot of weight and gained a little muscle. For the activists out there, unfortunately I can’t attribute the weight loss to going vegan, that was calorie control and exercise.

I went back to university for my final year and put on some fat again – and maintained what little muscle I had. Luckily, going vegan did stop me from putting on weight because my junk food choices were a little more limited. No longer could I just eat a domino’s pizza or gobble down some ice cream. So that helped.

Cue Summer 2018.

No more university, I was at home. No back and forth between different cities. I had something which I could latch on to – an opportunity for consistency!

So I grabbed the opportunity – I lost a lot of fat, put on a tiny little bit of muscle (negligible).

This brings me to today! Yes I’m not ripped and muscular, but I’m just starting out my journey – and I’m hoping to bring you all on the ride!

Why Protein Powder?

The main reason for me not being consistent was not being mentally “there”. A small part of the reason for me not being mentally “there” was disgusting protein powder. I tried a lot of them. As a student, this also ate into my budget too…

I tried:

  • Plain pea protein (disgusting)
  • Plain vegan blends (disgusting)
  • Strawberry vegan blend proteins (disgusting)
  • Chocolate vegan blend proteins (disgusting)
  • Exquisite flavoured vegan blend proteins (somewhat palatable, but not so cheap and not fantastic tasting)

So the only option left really was to get my own made (obviously this was the only option – It’s not like I could’ve just accepted life for what it was and moved on). That brings us to Ambition Protein Powder, quite possible the best on the market and most definitely cheaper than some of the competition (if I do say so myself!).

For more information and to try it for yourself, click here!